What we do

  • Private Jet Charter
    Private Jet charter
    Our clients swear by our service. We offer fast, honest quotes on the right aircraft to suit your requirements, we can get you where you want to go for the right price.
  • Helicopter Charter
    Helicopter Charter
    Let’s face it travelling by helicopter is fun, fast and creates a great impression. Allow us to find the right helicopter for your requirements.
  • Air Freight
    Air Freight
    Moving freight can be complicated and stressful – we do it all the time and work only with the best in the business to move your cargo safely and securely
  • Special Offers
    Special Offers
    Aviation Needs can exclusively offer our clients the option of chartering a one-way empty flight – known in the business as an ‘empty leg’. These are flights that have been booked one way with the return flight remaining empty. We have access to thousands of empty legs, which often go unused.